Arte en el Origen

Art experience in Cantabria, Spain


Angélica Rochon
Claudia Behrensen
Marina Btesh
Romina Gonzáles
UNTIL 14.12

Solo sé de tu mirada

Collective exhibition of contemporary photography.

UNTIL 14.11


Cotty Oxenford / Fariao


Eduardo Stupía
UNTIL 10.10

Festival de la luz 2018

Julia Pontes, Brasil
"O Minas Gerais"
Laura Goin, USA
"400 acres: encontrando mi camino de regreso a casa"
Silvina Arrastia, Argentina
"Percepciones cardinales"
UNTIL 14.09

"Los Buenos Aires"

Paulina Zen
"In this series I intend to explore the urban landscapes, the horizontal, extended cities, the appearance of dialogue between elements that overlap, blocks that sink or move creating geometries of the future .."
UNTIL 10.08

"..en diálogo con la materia..."

After several years without showing his work, Odell returns to the ring with an exhibition that highlights the long trajectory of the artist who has made the material its starting point and its point of arrival. Density - transparency, expressiveness - subtlety, the wild - the spiritual, color - grays are many of the opposites that it uses to transmit the spirit of matter and matter of the spirit.
Curadora: Marie Jo Cardinal.
UNTIL 05.07


Carla Lucarella
Exhibition project based on the photographic material of the artist's family archive.
Curadora: Lorena Fernández
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